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The country of Zimbabwe is a little larger than the state of Montana. Victoria Falls is the largest sheet of falling water in the world and is on the Zambezi River, which borders Zimbabwe and Zambia.  Nationals call the falls, “The Smoke that Thunders.”  Harare is the capital and named after the Shona chief, Neharawe.

The Shona and the Ndebele are the primary people groups. The Shangaan and the Tsonga also live in Zimbabwe. There are 16 official languages.  President Robert Mugabe is 91 years old (2017) and he has been president for 36 years!

Zimbabwe has more than a million orphans and a very high number of widows/widowers because of HIV/AIDS. About 1.5 million people live with AIDS, so Zimbabwe has the lowest life expectancy in the world!  Although unemployment is very high, Zimbabweans are highly literate.  Many have left the country looking for work, and have become refugees in neighboring countries, especially South Africa.


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Donna and Gregg discipled nationals, so that they will saturate their country with the Gospel.  This obedience-based discipleship is called Training 4 Trainers (T4T).  Teams from the US come annually to join in ministry.  Life is difficult in Zimbabwe.  Ministry teams provide food, home improvements, and hope, while sharing the love of Christ.


  1. Please pray for the leaders of Zimbabwe.  Pray that they will make decisions that benefit the people, with regards to poverty, food, health and employment.
  2. Pray that groups of new believers will develop into true, Biblically-based churches.
  3. In addition, pray that Christians will be a testimony of God’s power in their villages and that many more would come to know Christ through their testimony.
  4. Finally, pray that nationals will embrace obedience-based discipleship and begin to train new believers, who will train new believers.  Pray that T4T will multiply believers throughout the nation.

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