South Africa - Tswana In a township outside of Rustenburg, South AfricaABOUT THE PEOPLE:

The Tswana (pronounced t’SWAN-ah) of South Africa live in what is now the North West Province of South Africa. Today, the Tswana of South Africa number more than 3.5 million.

Famous missionaries, David Livingstone and Robert Moffatt came to the Tswana in the 1800s. Moffatt finished translating the Bible into the language of the Tswana by 1859. Since that time, a majority of the Tswana have come to consider themselves Christian, but few have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. The traditional religion of the Tswana is animism. It is believed that the ancestors live on after death and are active in the lives of their families. Through diviners and dreams, the ancestors reveal their will to the people. Many of these traditional beliefs have been incorporated into the Christian faith. As a result, many Tswana will accept a syncretistic version of Christianity and reject the exclusive claims of Christ as the only way to God.


  • Wes & Beth

The goal of the South Africa Tswana Team is to share the gospel and teach those who believe to follow Him. They also teach new believers to share Jesus with others.

smFP Baptism March'09 004Wes and Beth work with the students on the North West University campus. They are busy with witness training, Bible study, counseling and Christian Tae Kwon Do. As students come to understand what it means to follow Christ, they take part in outreach trips in which they share their faith with others. Many graduate with new purpose in their lives, ready to follow God wherever He may lead.


  1. Pray for MEN to come to Christ and be spiritual leaders in their homes, churches and communities.
  2. Please PRAY for a mighty army of youth and young adults to rise up and follow God unreservedly.
  3. Pray for those infected and affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic to find eternal hope in Christ.

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