ABOUT THE  PRETORIA (TSHWANE)Jacarandas in Pretoria

Located in the Gauteng Province, Pretoria is the fourth largest city in South Africa. It’s African name is Tshwane, which is also the name of the river running through the city. Tshwane, also known as “Jacaranda City,” has thousands of Jacaranda trees throughout the city.  It is the nation’s administrative capital of the country.  Because it is the nation’s administrative capital of the country, Pretoria influences the nation and world.  It is the center of impact for South Africa, because of its political presence.  Pretoria hosts the President, his capital and many government buildings.  It is home to over 130 embassies, thus giving Pretoria the second largest concentration of embassies, just after Washington, DC.  It is the home to several universities, one of which is a top university in the country.

The population of Tshwane is 2.9 million, and is home to a myriad of people groups.  People groups include of a vast majority black African, white, Indian and Colored (mixed race).  There are eleven official languages spoken, as well as various other African languages.  South Africa opens its doors to all religions, however, less than 20% of all South Africans are evangelical Christians.  Pretoria is no different. In addition, many areas around the city are still without a gospel presence. The majority of South Africans follow the African Traditional Religion, which emphasizes the role of the ancestors, who continue to play an important role in the community even after their death. The church in this city faces the challenge of developing leaders.  Leaders are needed who can train others to communicate the Gospel in a way that transforms lives, and communities, and the whole of Pretoria..


Fred and Mary


  1. For revival in the local church.
  2. That laborers will come to work in the harvest.
  3. For multiplying disciples, groups/churches and leaders.