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Johannesburg (Joburg) is a world class African city. There are over 10 million people in the greater Joburg area, it is the most populous city in South Africa. It is the home to people from every country on the African continent. There are over 300 languages spoken in Gauteng making it a vast and overwhelming mix of peoples. Joburg is now the 39th largest city in the world. People come from all over Africa and the world seeking better jobs, education and futures for their family. Though many claim to be Christians, syncretism and ancestor worship are prevalent. There are opportunities to engage nationals through human needs ministries, school outreach, HIV/AIDS ministry, direct evangelism and discipleship training,  existing church ministries/outreach, as well as through the Baptist Theological College of Southern Africa.


1. Identify and reach the Unreached People Segments found in Johannesburg.
2. Identify and partner with the national pastors to plant new churches.
3. Identify and train nationals leaders both academically and practically (spiritually) to become leaders of Southern Africa.


Johannesburg Team Map

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  1. Always enjoy looking at this website to keep up with y’all. I am not sure who monitors these replies, but assume it is one of the team members. If you will send me an e-mail, I have some information to share that might be of interest.
    Elaine and I are doing well.
    In Christ, Darrell

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