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The G.R.E.A.T. team presently works with both the Coloured and Xhosa people.



Population: 210,000 (4.2 million in all of South Africa)

Language: Afrikaans

Background: The Coloured are a mixed-race group unique to southern Africa, representing a wide range of genetic backgrounds, including Dutch, Malaysian, Indian, Indonesian, African and Afrikaner (white African).

Typical Occupations: farming, fishing, business, domestic work

Religion: 85% claim Christianity, but many belong to sects and do not have a clear understanding of the Bible or the plan of salvation.

Challenges: unemployment, alcoholism, drug addiction.

Ministry Opportunities: prayerwalking, holiday Bible clubs, basic discipleship, training, children, and youth ministry training, men’s and women’s conferences, sustainable job sills training.

Present Ministries:  Working with churches/leaders to help develop their churches (evangelism, discipleship, leadership training) so as to help them be healthy in order to reproduce themselves.


Population: 7.5 million in all of South Africa

Language: isiXhosa, which uses “click” sounds

Religion: 88% claim Christianity, but many mix in ancestor worship and animal sacrifice

History: The amaXhosa have lived in South Africa since the 1600s and often clashed with colonists over land. Lawyers and businessmen among the amaXhosa actively opposed apartheid (legal segregation from 1948-1994) and were influential in building the new, free South Africa. Former president Nelson Mandela is Xhosa.

Distinctive Custom: Boys (typically between ages 12 to 18) become men after a period of up to six weeks when they are circumcised and taught the traditions of their tribe.  Honoring ancestors is an important focus

Present Ministries:   Working with Thembalethu Baptist Church to disciple the men, women and youth who are members/regular attendees.  Youth ministry has just begun. Plans are being made to partner with Youth For Christ, to help in HIV/AIDS ministry and teen mothers outreach.


Coloured Community:

  1. Pray for leadership development. Pray new leaders can be identified and trained to serve in the church and community.
  2. Pray for strategies to reach men. Many men are more interested in alcohol than church or family. Pray for relationship-building opportunities, men’s events and casual evangelism opportunities.
  3. Pray for single mothers. Pray the church will love and forgive pregnant teenagers, helping them raise up a generation that follows Christ.

Xhosa Community:

  1. Pray for Church growth and maturity.
  2. Pray that God will raise up leaders among both men and women, so that as new churches are started, the resources for teaching and training will be there.
  3. Pray that the amaXhosa will have a vision to reach their own people.Garden Route Map


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    • Thank you so much, Brian and Loraine, for your continued prayer support! Praising God for what He is doing along the Garden Route!

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