Durban is the third largest city in South Africa.  It includes millions of Zulus, and more than a million Indians from Hindu and Muslim backgrounds.  Durban is also home to thousands of immigrants from across Africa, as well as South African whites, Coloureds and an increasing number of Chinese.


  • David & Julie
  • Kurtis & Holly

The DUET team works alongside Baptist churches and other  Christian groups in Durban to reach some 5 million South Africans and internationals. Ministry includes social justice initiatives such as basic community health and HIV/ AIDS programs, educational assistance and economic programs.  However, their main focus is sharing the Gospel, discipling believers and beginning multiplying churches throughout Durban.  Team members face the challenge of using a variety of creative and traditional formats to communicate the truth of the Gospel.


1. The AIDS crisis of Southern Africa has left many families without an income provider, therefore thousands of people are without basic human needs.  Many students are unable to pay fees for schooling. Local Christians want to demonstrate the love of Christ.  Ask God to provide the resources and wisdom needed Christians to demonstrate God’s love.

2. The majority of the population of South Africa is under the age of 20 years old. Ask the Father to raise up individuals who can communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ in ways that are relevant to children and youth.  Pray that God will supply continual energy and creativity needed to work with children and youth.

3. God’s word to His people remains the key to knowing Him. Ask God to continue to multiply the number of discipleship groups in the city.  This will allow people to hear and understand His word, and become trainers of new believers.  Pray for multiplying churches throughout the city.

Durban Team Map

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