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Cape Town, with a population of 5.2 million people, is beautiful.  However, it is a city of extreme wealth and extreme poverty. The city is located where the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean come together at the southwestern-most point of Africa. The landmark Table Mountain is visible from almost any part of the peninsula.

Afrikaaners, Xhosa, Coloured, and Indian people live in Cape Town, along with people from Europe, Asia, and every country in Africa. With the diversity of people comes the diversity of cultures mixing together.  Western culture and style, as well as the traditional African dress and lifestyle, mingle together from the City Bowl to the outlying suburbs and on to the townships and rural areas of the peninsula. Furthermore, many consider Cape Town as the capital of Africa for the gay/lesbian community. The Western Cape has the world’s highest rate of fetal alcohol syndrome, because many years ago, vineyard owners payed their workers in alcohol.

A diverse population also brings a diversity in religion.  African Traditional Religion, New Apostolic, Protestantism, Islam, Hindu, Buddhism, and Catholicism are among the variety found in Cape Town.

Cape Town is a tourist destination.  Well known sites include, Table Mountain, Cape Point, and the Cape of Good Hope, where the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans meet. Plus, tourists can observe wildlife such as penguins, whales, seals, and sharks.  The vineyards, gardens, mountains, and beaches are all part of the beauty of the city.  People can tour historic places, such as District 6, a residential area made famous during apartheid, and Robbin Island, where Nelson Mandela spent many years in prison.  Cape Town is home to Parliament, the governing body of South Africa, and the city boasts the country’s top university.Seminary Cape Town


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