South Africa is a beautiful county, full of diversity.

Both the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean border South Africa.  The country boasts a mix landscapes.  Southern coastal land is fertile, and produces citrus fruits and grapes.  The Karoo is a dry semi-arid area.  The high plains are famous for farming, and its deposits of gold  and other minerals.  Finally, rolling hills lead to the subtropical Indian Ocean coast. Iconic African villages surround large vibrant cities.

South Africa has a multiethnic society.  There are eleven official languages, and its national anthem includes four of these.  People from all over the world live and work in South Africa.

Three cities house the three major branches of government.

Religious affiliations are extensive. They include Christianity, African Traditional Religion (ancestor worship), Islam, and Judaism.  The majority claim to be Christian, but many incorporate animistic beliefs with Christianity.  Therefore, less than 20% of people are evangelical Christians.

Various arts are enjoyed across the country.  South Africa’s media sector reaches almost all of the African continent.  South Africans celebrate and participate in a wide variety of sports.

The population of South Africa is over 56 million.  More than half live in urban centers.  Johannesburg, better know as Joburg, is the largest city.  The country has been classified as an upper-middle-income economy. However, poverty and extremely poor living conditions are prevalent.  In addition, the HIV/AIDS rate is just over 20%.  There are several excellent universities.  Education overall is improving.  However, less than 20% of the adult population have higher education.  In addition, only 30% earn a high school diploma.

Listed below are teams working to share the true gospel of Jesus Christ and love of God through social justice initiatives.

Johannesburg Team

Cape Town Team

Durban Team

Pretoria Team

Garden Route Team

Tswana of South Africa Team

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