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New Opportunities for Engagement & Repentance

New Opportunities for Engagement & Repentance

K & F were invited to a wedding in a community where they have been ministering lately.   A young man, whom they have been discipling, shared boldly with the H**du guests.

The Lord brought K & F to a sari shop on the east coast of the island in a strong H**du town to start discipleship with a new believer.

A friend of K & F invited them to share with a doctor who was open to spiritual conversation. This meeting turned into weeping repentance as she placed her faith in Jesus.

Will you pray for K & F as they go into spiritually dark areas where the Gospel has yet to go?

  • Pray for strength and stamina
  • Pray against spiritual opposition
  • Pray for them as they enter the last trimester of pregnancy for F
  • Pray against discouragement as they encounter obstacles






Remember the story of our Vincent*, and how God saved him from a life of Hinduism to one of freedom in Christ? Well we wanted to briefly update you on Vincent’s walk with the Lord since becoming a follower of Christ, and how you can continue to pray for him.

These past 2 months have not been easy for Vincent*. No one in his family is happy about his new commitment to Christ. He is daily studying God’s Word, praying, meeting with Fred, obeying what God shows him, but he’s also experiencing rejection and difficulties.

However, this past week we were incredibly proud of Vincent* as he obeyed the Lord in the waters of baptism. He had every reason NOT to be baptized on this particular day. He had woken-up earlier that morning with very high fever, headaches, achy joints, chronic coughing, and just feeling terrible. But he also knew that this was the day that he had committed himself to take the next step of obedience and be baptized. So here he came to our house as planned, and knocked on our door saying he was ready to go to the ocean and be baptized. Fred and I took one look at him and questioned him if he was sure he wanted to do it today? We didn’t want to discourage him, but he looked terrible. His eyes were swollen and red, his face puffy, his coughing relentless, and we just knew he felt awful. But he said: “Yes…I must do it today!”

Fred sat together with Vincent* in our living room, and walked him through all the examples in the book of Acts of all those who immediately followed the Lord in baptism. Fred reminded and encouraged Vincent that his job was only to obey God’s Word. We then sat together with Vincent* and taught him the song: “I have decided to follow Jesus”, and sang it together and then prayed with him. One of the verses in the song says: “If none go with me, I still will follow, No turning back, No turning back”, and we encouraged Vincent* that his job was to follow and obey God even when none go with him.

Will you pray for Vincent*, and for those Hindu followers of Christ who live with us on our island? Pray that the Lord would use them mightily to reach their households, and villages for God’s kingdom. Pray for them as they suffer persecution and rejection. Please pray that much fruit would come from their obedience to God.




A Garden-Worker Finds Jesus

We had been praying for Vincent * (name change) for over a year!  He was our gardener, and was a terrible one at that!  He would arrive at our gate unexpectedly, work poorly, lie, cheat, smoke, scowl, and just was a nuisance to deal with.  We wanted him gone, but we also wanted him saved!  You see, Vincent was a Hindu and was not a happy person.  We knew that his number one need was Jesus!  So we were praying daily for him, that God would provide an opportunity for him to hear the Good News of the gospel.

Recently he arrived at our home to work, and after a short greeting, gave his condolences to Fred for losing his father to cancer.  Fred thanked him for his concern, then said: “At least I know I will see my dad again one day,” to which Vincent said:  “How do you know?”

This was the open door that we had been praying for.  We had prayed that the Lord would make Vincent hungry to hear the truth of Jesus.  So Fred then shared how he knew that he would see his father in heaven, and that he would like to share with him how he, too, could have the assurance of salvation.

For the next few minutes Fred and Vincent sat on our veranda and Fred shared the Good News of the Gospel to him.  When Fred asked if he was willing to accept the free gift of salvation, Vincent said “YES!”

John 12;24 says “Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed.  But if it dies, it produces many seeds.”

Fred’s father’s death was not in vain.  It already has produced another seed.  Please continue to pray for all the Hindu people on our island who need to hear the Good News of the gospel and be saved for all eternity.

Hair, Nails, and Jesus (Part 2)

Hair, Nails, and Jesus (Part 2)

Remember the story of Brenda, my Hindu friend, which I shared on October 8th?  She is the lady at my hair salon in which I have been building a relationship with, and for whom I pray daily that she’d become a follower of Christ.  I went back to see her a few days ago, hoping to share God’s story, the good news of the gospel with her.  I had shared in my previous post that I felt she was “softening” spiritually, and that maybe this visit she would be ready to hear about Jesus

One of the things we have learned from our T4T teachings is that the Gospel (God’s story) is the “hook”, and our testimony, or “Amazing Story” is the the “bait on the hook”.  So just like when a fisherman goes to fish, he uses the bait on the hook to catch fish, so we, too, as “fisherman” use our testimony and the Gospel to catch hungry “fish”.

So back to Brenda.  On this day Brenda was not a hungry fish.  I entered the salon with expectancy and with the readiness to share more with Brenda, but it was not to be on this day.  She was agitated and not in a right frame of mind due to some over-bookings in the salon.  She was frustrated and angry that her coworkers had double booked her, and that I had come at a busy time.  I could sense that to push Jesus on her at this time would only hinder her from ever wanting to hear more.  I chose to overlook her agitation towards me on this day, and instead chose to show love and grace.  Even though she was pretty rude in her behavior, I showed kindness and love, and told her I would pray for her in her difficulties at work.  She then softened towards me, and thanked me for not being upset that she couldn’t give me the time that she normally would have given me.

It’s a reminder to me that we must be sensitive to God’s timing with individuals.  God is not a God of haste, and He will prepare Brenda’s heart for His story as we pray for her and those like her.  Also, Satan hates it when we pray, and hates it when we visit our ‘lost’ friends, so he will try to disrupt these appointments.  We should not be surprised when Satan messes with our plans.  Please continue to pray for Brenda, and for all the Hindus on the island, that the Lord would draw them unto Himself.

All because I listened to God’s call

All because I listened to God’s call

sunset_boats All because I listened to God’s call to go, take a look at what God did…..

*Traveled to 4 Countries
*Had over 2,000 Kisses (What can I say, we love to kiss here….)

*Got over 3,000 Hugs, most of those are from my knee hugger class

*Countless Number of Proposals/Claims that I’m their wife….

*2 Indian & 1 Chinese Wedding

*Almost wrecked 1,000 times…You smile b/c you think I’m joking I laugh b/c I’m not Love driving on the opp. Side of the road and car while dodging everything

*Got peed on by a baby…. What can I say this is Africa….

*Learned to eat with your right hand and wipe with your left…. Just kidding, I use toilet paper but not everyone does

*B/c not everyone uses toilet paper…I got Petee…yep I got a parasite I carried for 10 months and named it Petee

*I can use a squatty potty with perfection

*Walked with Lions

*Can kill bugs, spiders and things I have no clue what they are

*Clothing is optional in Africa and no-one is freaked out but you, when they decide to not wear it

*Seeing kids barely clothed, starving, drinking dirty water, among drunks who rape and kidnap them. Knowing that many of those kids will die of HIV, Malaria or something as simple as a cough, will always breaks your heart, but knowing God is in control starts to put your broken heart back together

*A beautiful shower under the stars equals 72 pumps of water, caring that water in a bucket on your head to the fire, 10 minutes to warm it

*De-worming is just a part of life

*Getting interrogated by the Country you’re supposed to live in the next year and ½ makes you want to go home

*Missing your brother’s Wedding, surgeries in your family, a brother’s engagement and not being there for your sister when she needs you the most is the hardest thing you will ever do, but the gift of “trust” that God gave me through this is beyond words

*Living in a country you don’t know for 3 months on your own after a mass 2 weeks training is something I would never take back. I have never felt more loved by the people.

*God giving me a beautiful local family who lives out the Gospel, is a blessing/gift from only Him

*Getting to live with two crazy girls who I love dearly is priceless…getting to scare them is just fun

*Loving on 122 students and their families, from 18 different countries and religions is another gift from God

*20 of those students are now following Jesus and all I can say is “Glory be to God!”

Living Overseas

Living Overseas

Things I’ve learned that I do after living overseas for several months:

  • I’ve grown accustom to kissing everyone I meet. (I have kind of forgotten how to shake hands)
  • It’s weird driving on the right side of the car and road after 8 months on the left.
  • I still get excited any time I see toilet paper in the bathrooms and don’t have to use my own.
  • We all miss our families back home, especially over the holidays but we come together as a family to praise our Saviors birth. 
  • At  the beginning of this new year, we expect to work with about 120 kids from ~5 – 12 years old.  They come from about 16+ different countries, most with Hindu & Muslim background.

Pray that God moves in and through the hearts of these children and their families.

T4T – Training for Trainers

T4T – Training for Trainers

“And what you have learned from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”  2 Timothy 2:2

In a land full of darkness and resistance to Christianity, a new light is shining!  During a recent training meeting, more than 50 local believers were trained in a new approach to sharing Jesus.  From the very beginning, they are thinking of how to multiply themselves and those who respond to their offer of Jesus Christ as Savior.  Not only will they share the Good News of Christ with the lost. Not only will they disciple those who pray to receive Christ as Savior.  From the beginning, they will instill the importance and expectation of sharing all the learn with others who need Jesus and discipling them too!

This group shared the Gospel 83 times. 53 were not interested. 29 people want to hear more. 1 prayed to receive Jesus as Savior! 

 This newly trained group will meet again in two weeks to go over the homework, which is sharing their personal salvation stories and Jesus’ story.  As they continue to share with the lost, they will attempt to form house groups from those who make decision to accept Jesus as their Savior.

Pray for faithfulness, encouragement and safety of all those trained.  Pray for many to know new life in Jesus, to grow strong, share and disciple with others… who will share and disciple others… who will share and disciple others…

“All Things Bright and Beautiful…the Lord God Made Them All”

“All Things Bright and Beautiful…the Lord God Made Them All”

Our language tutor is a retired teacher. We had prayed for the Lord to guide and we feel strongly that He lead us to her.  She is Hindu and her husband is Muslim, which is a very unusual combination. She was telling us about her school days as a student here, recalling a song she learned. “All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all…”  We also knew it, so we all began to sing together around her table. 

Will you pray for this dear woman with us?  She is helping us learn language, but maybe we can help her know Jesus, the One, True, and Living God.

Island Festivities

Island Festivities


New Year is celebrated several times by the various island cultures. One is called Cavadee, when many from the Tamil group try to obtain favor from the god Muruga (god of war). Through elaborate ceremonies the people engage in acts of devotion including carrying a Kavidi (burdens), piercing their bodies, and walking on shoes of nails or hot coals. All of this is done to gain the attention of their god.

In another festival, ~600,000 people walked from their homes up to a lake. Men, women and children, all dressed in white, from every nook and corner of the island, travel to the lake on foot, in a slow procession. On this journey of 20-30 miles, they carry on their shoulders, structures made of bamboo and decorated with paper streamers and tinkling bells. Upon reaching the lake they offer prayers to Shiva and then take some of the holy water home to use in celebrations and spiritual rituals, and to pour on the emblem of Shiva at the temple when they finish the long journey home.

As you can see, there is a great need for the Spirit of God to move in this place. We’re grateful for your efforts in prayer as these masses are our friends and neighbors who desperately need to know the true and living God.

Though there is so much spiritual darkness, we have seen God moving. Working with the young people, we have witnessed God raising up some men and women who love him and are committed to seeing God’s glory changing the lives of their generation.

Just before Christmas we were able to participate in a live performance with one goal, to proclaim the mighty love of God that came to us at Christmas so long ago. Over 500 people came to hear the message!



Don’t you love the propensity of little kids to voice that little three-letter word with voracious curiosity?  I’m sure it has wearied many a diligent mother and well-meaning teacher, but I can’t help but respect the curious mind – especially when it open doors for me to share about Jesus.

Recently, I was eating dinner with a Muslim family and received the following question. “WHY is it that God answers your prayers and my prayers and the prayers of my Hindu friends, and the prayers of my Buddhist friends?  WHY would He do that if only one of us is following the true path?”  God was gracious to give me a response.  I answered with my own WHY question, “Let me throw another wrench into the problem – WHY does it appear that God is kind to the wicked person – the person who does not pray?”  S’s eyebrows arched and he simply nodded his head at me as if to say, “Go on; you have my attention.” 

I then summarized Psalm 73 for him.  In this song, the Psalmist labors with God over his discouragement at watching the wicked prosper and live seemingly blessed lives; yet ultimately he comes to peace with God when he remembers the end of the wicked and how disastrous it will be.  “The end of a life tells the true story of a person’s faith more than the journey,” I explained.  “God is kind and merciful to all people, but in the end, He will judge those who did not follow His way.”  Then God laid part of Matthew 5:45 on my heart where Jesus says, “[God] sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.”  I reiterated God’s desire to be kind to every person but how he will eventually have to punish sin.

S considered my response, and then we were able to have a good discussion on our differing views of eternal lifehe believing that every one will work off their sin after they die and eventually go to heaven; me stating that we must receive a clean heart via Jesus before we die in order to go to heaven.  The conversation ended with him stating that we would just have to agree to disagree on the issue of how to gain eternal life.

Oh, how God desires for all men to come to repentance and pours out his kindness day after day in order to draw them to Himself!

Pray for me that I’ll always have an answer for the WHY questions in such a way that the gospel is proclaimed among my people.  Also pray for S – I’ve printed off the above Scriptures and am hoping for an opportunity to give them to him letting his know that I’ve taken his question seriously.