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We primarily work with people from the Merina tribe who live in urban settings. However, we also work outside the city with Merina in more rural settings. They look more Asian than any of the other tribes, in part due to their alleged Indonesian origins. The area is a high plateau, in many places almost 1 mile high. There is a lot of ministry going on already in this area with students, military personnel, inmates, homeless and more, but many people have yet to cross the threshold to personal faith in Jesus. They may be familiar with Christianity, but often it’s just a cultural veneer. Much of our work is in helping Baptistic churches in Antananarivo begin new work in rural villages 1-3 hours out of the city.



1. That the churches in Antananarivo will have an outward focus, reaching out not only to those who live around them, but also to unreached villages on the plateau surrounding the city.

2. That Team T.U.T. will be effective in training young leaders to plant reproducing churches in the remote areas of the island where evangelical work is sparse to non-existent.

3. That Team T.U.T. will be effective in supporting, training, and developing the other teams who serve on the island.

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