Antandroy girl (Madagascar - south)


Southern Madagascar is surrounded by diverse settings of mountains, rainforest, desert and beautiful beaches. Thousands of lost souls inhabit this land.

Known for cattle herding, the Antandroy people are a strong and proud people. They survive mostly on their cattle, but also farm. The Antanosy are also fishermen. The Antandroy and Antanosy people practice ancestral worship as their main form of religion. Both of the people groups in this region have some knowledge of God and Jesus Christ, because of the work done by the Catholic and Protestant churches in the past. In fact, Fort Dauphin is known for work done by American Lutheran missionaries during the 20th century. However, their access to Scripture and sound teaching has been limited.  This has caused confusion.  Therefore, they hold on tight to their traditional beliefs and cultural practices.

The Bara, Mahafaly, Masikoro, and Vezo people live in a semi-desert region. They often struggle with drought and famine. The small coastal, port city of Toliara is the main hub for reaching these people.  The town and people are truly unique. They are a mix of African, French, and Polynesian culture.  These unreached people seek provision from God through ancestral worship.  Deep-rooted traditions, rules, and taboos bind the people from fully believing the gospel. But there is always hope!


  • Adam and Suzie
  • Grant and Jodie
  • Todd and Deborah
  • Ben and Erin
  • Nathan and Tessa
  • Brett and Katelyn


The Tandroy team and the Tanosy team work from the city of Fort Dauphin (Taolagnaro). They labor alongside nationals and partnering churches to reach the lost.  They focus on teaching Bible stories to groups of nationals, who will teach their own groups of nationals.  Consequently, this will reproduce stories from the Bible, disciple new believers, and train leaders.

IMB teams began sharing the gospel with the Mahafaly people first.  Many received Christ, and team members disciple these new believers.  Most are illiterate and come from an oral culture. So, all teams use oral storying to engage each people group. Discipling and training will lead to churches reproducing churches.


  1. Receptive hearts among the nationals.
  2. More laborers to join in what God is doing in the South.
  3. Language acquisition.
  4. Health.

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