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The South East Madagascar Team consists of long-term missionaries and nationals working together to share the gospel abundantly amongst the peoples in the region.  Primarily working with the Tanala currently, the team is praying specifically for work to begin amongst the Antefasy, Antanosy, and Antesaka as God leads workers.  In 2011, First Baptist Church Orlando, Florida, committed to become an Engaging Church, and have now begun engaging the Antemoro people. Many of the people groups in this region can communicate effectively in the nation dialect of Malagasy which gives them access to the Bible and other resources.  However, there are some people groups who do not use Malagasy and thus have no access to written Scripture.  The primary religion of these people groups is animistic in nature.  Almost all people groups in this region have been exposed to Christianity from work by the Catholic and Protestant churches.  However, their access to Scripture and sound teaching has been limited, and thus they still hold their traditional beliefs and practices as necessary.  As such, our strategy and focus is to abundantly sow truth into the lives of these peoples.  Currently our team is broadly sowing the gospel and gathering groups of new believers to study God’s word.



  1. – Supernatural language ability for all team members
  2. – Continued good health and strength
  3. – Open hearts in the villages we teach in
  4. – More churches to commit to reaching our UUPGs


SE Madagascar Team Map

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