The Ocean 2 Ocean Engagement Strategy Team travels throughout the cluster to connect U.S. and national partners with unengaged and unreached people groups within the cluster. The team helps assist and train U.S. churches both logistically and strategically who are interested in committing to a long term partnership to impact a people group in the O2O cluster with the Gospel. The team conducts research and collects information to help determine if people groups are engaged in reproducible church planting strategies. In addition, the team facilitates a basic church planting training called Base Camp to help prepare U.S. churches to engage Sub-Saharan people groups.


  1. Pray that more U.S. churches are willing to sacrifice the time and resources it will take to reach the least unreached and unengaged peoples of the O2O cluster.
  2. Pray that believers in a newly planted church among the Ndau of Zimbabwe will reflect the Light of Christ in a spiritually dark area. Pray they will be a living testimony of God’s life changing power and as a result, many others would come to know Christ.
  3. Pray that the Engagement Team will be Spirit led as they assist and train U.S. partners.

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