Just over 2 million people live in Botswana, and half of these are Tswana, who speak the language Setswana. The meaning of the name “Tswana” is unknown, but believed to be the Xhosa word for “same” or “similar.”  Khama the Great brought many Tswana tribes together and built a united Botswana, and England protected the northern Tswana from being incorporated into South Africa.  In 1966, Botswana gained independence from England.  Today, the Tswana make up about half the population in Botswana, while many others can be found in South Africa and Namibia.


Tswana Botswana women

  • Brent & Amanda


Brent and Amanda live in the capital city of Gaborone, work as church planters, and help in leadership development.

They work alongside local Baptist believers helping spread the Word of God.


Tswana children


  1. Pray that the hearts of the Tswana of Botswana would be open to the Gospel.
  2. Existing Baptist churches need strong leadership.  Pray that leaders are committed to training and discipleship.
  3. Pray that believers would stand strong on the Word of the Lord, and become passionate about sharing the Gospel with friends and family.
  4. Finally, please pray for multiplying church plants across Botswana.

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