Look closely at this picture!  Do you see the man in the foreground with bare feet?  This business man, Leon, aged 50, almost died twice this year.   This past February he came down with a very rare bacterial infection which over took his entire body.  He went from a very fit, healthy young man, to one whose life was almost taken from him.  Twice his four girls, ranging in age from 4-18, were called in by their mother to say goodbye to their dad.

Now for some background.  Back in September 2017 this small group of Christians started meeting together in Leon’s home for the purpose of learning how to be a “disciple who makes disciples”.  From September until when Leon got sick, this small group met to learn some “tools” to help them obey the Great Commission from Matthew 28:19-20.  Jesus commands His followers to “Go, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and Son, and Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey all that I have commanded them…”.  Then in February 2018 Leon got terribly sick, and was in ICU for several weeks.  We stood by his hospital bedside, praying to the Lord to spare his life.  God heard our prayers, and has allowed Leon to slowly recover.  It is now August, and Leon is recovering day by day.  GOD HAS USED THIS ILLNESS TO GET HIS ATTENTION.  Leon and his family (who host this group),have now expressed their desire to make this discipleship group “church”.  We will need a larger meeting place than this living room pictured, and are prayerful for God’s perfect will to be done in this next step.  Will you pray right now for Leon and his family?  Pray for complete healing for his body, and protection over his family.  Please pray for a new location for us to meet, and pray for this body of believers, that much fruit for God’s kingdom will result from this church plant.

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