It takes one…

It takes one…

Swaziland is new territory for our family. My husband was given a new role that includes strategy for reaching the people of Swaziland with the gospel. There are presently NO IMB personnel working among the Swazi. We have made several recent visits to Swaziland to determine God’s plan regarding the spiritual needs of the people living there. We have surveyed the lost and the found. We have met with pastors, churches, and leaders of the Baptist Convention of Swaziland. Here is what we have discovered_

There are 21 Baptist Churches in Swaziland.
There are 12 pastors for the 21 churches.
They are hungry for education in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting.
There is great confusion spiritually, as a nation.
There are many churches, many faiths, few truths.
People are dying with AIDS, Swazi has the highest HIV rate in the world, and the people are dying without Jesus.
There are orphans being raised in Africa Traditional Religion which does not equate to eternal life with Christ Jesus. Swazi has the highest orphan rate in the world.

We will be holding a church planting conference Nov 26-Dec 4. Will you pray for us as we try to equip the local church?

We are also looking for US churches to partner with national Baptist churches to provide ongoing CP training. Could it be that your church could commit to coming 3-4 times per year to encourage and train a group of Swazi believers?

Currently, we have one US church, Ridgecrest Baptist, MO that has committed to this task. We cannot do it alone, will you PRAY?

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