New Opportunities for Engagement & Repentance

New Opportunities for Engagement & Repentance

K & F were invited to a wedding in a community where they have been ministering lately.   A young man, whom they have been discipling, shared boldly with the H**du guests.

The Lord brought K & F to a sari shop on the east coast of the island in a strong H**du town to start discipleship with a new believer.

A friend of K & F invited them to share with a doctor who was open to spiritual conversation. This meeting turned into weeping repentance as she placed her faith in Jesus.

Will you pray for K & F as they go into spiritually dark areas where the Gospel has yet to go?

  • Pray for strength and stamina
  • Pray against spiritual opposition
  • Pray for them as they enter the last trimester of pregnancy for F
  • Pray against discouragement as they encounter obstacles




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