Making Soap and Disciples…A Great Combination!

Making Soap and Disciples…A Great Combination!

*Burt and *Belinda have been working full-time in Kingdom work for the past twelve months.  They are leaders in the work Discipleshipon the island.  They have baptized numerous people, and they are currently leading two house churches.  They disciple 10 people regularly and have participated in most of our SWARMS.  We have loved seeing God change their hearts to be busy in broken and lost communities.  They are faithful to share the Gospel to their family, neighbors and in communities where many people will not go because of the crime and drugs.

Nature's CreationThey have found creative ways to maintain their livelihood, while at the same time dedicating much time in the Kingdom work on the island.  One of the creative businesses they run from their home is “Nature’s Creation”.  They make natural, orgainc soap in their living room.  *Belinda grows and uses plants, flowers and herbs from her garden (and sometimes ours) and she and her husband use all natural ingredients to make this incredible soap.

*Belinda is also an amazing cook and we regularly order food from her when we have fellowships, CORE meetings and leadership trainings.

They have been a blessing to us in ministry!  Will you pray for them?


  • Pray for setbacks as they work in many broken communities and have experienced personal hurts while helping people whom they are ministering.
  • Pray for their livelihood.  Pray that God would continue to sustain them and provide for them so that they can continue in the Four Fields work on the island. 
  • Pray that they would continue to trust in Him and walk through each door He opens, trusting that God will be honored and glorified in all that they do. 
  • Pray that they would remain faithful, fruitful & obedient!

*names changed

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