Frank the Taxi Driver/Disciple-Maker

Frank the Taxi Driver/Disciple-Maker

Frank: The Taxi Driver/Disciple-Maker

Frank* makes a living for his family driving a taxi. He starts early and finishes late but shares Jesus with his clients on a daily basis. He and his family have led neighbors to Christ, planted a church in their home and are planting a second church in his sister-in-laws neighborhood. They also care for a 3 year-old whom they rescued from the street (literally).

One astounding¬†fact is that a car here costs the same or more than the equivalent car in the west, yet a taxi fare is a fraction of the cost that it would be there. The math does not add up. When you visit, you notice immediately the great number of taxis and buses and that adds a lot of competition to Frank’s* already demanding and underpaid career.

Please pray for Frank* as he works out how to create a unique point of difference in his service, that makes him different to the competition. On a spiritual front, pray for Frank* to find a healthy balance between work, family and ministry. Pray that Frank* would continue to be a faithful and bold disciple of Jesus and use his work as his platform to share Christ!


*name changed

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