The Refuge

The Refuge

For two years God was telling us to start a church in our home for the purpose of modeling the Acts 2 church model.  We resisted wondering if it was putting too much dependence on us, as outsiders.  Finally in October 2015 we started a church meeting in our home.  The name of the church group became “The Refuge” and it continues until today.

We spent all of 2016 modeling healthy church and took the group through the books of Acts.  It was very basic teachings with emphasis placed on simple obedience.  Our structure has been much different than traditional church meetings and the “Three-Thirds Process” became the structure of each meeting where we would spend time together in fellowship, pastoral care, prayer, small group accountability, vision casting, learning the new lesson and goal setting with prayer.  (Look back, Look Up & Look Ahead). 2016 was a growing year for us as we saw individuals get stronger in the faith and in evangelism & discipleship.  Every believer in the group is considered an active disciple with a role in Kingdom work.

2017 has looked much the same in regards to individuals growing deeper, but we’ve also seen a shift where churches are being birthed out of this initial church plant.  It’s been exciting to see this evolution take place since our goal is to have a healthy church in every village here!  In 2015, we envisioned this to be the role of The Refuge as we started, but it was obvious that this would be a gradual process initially.   The group is thinking multiplication now and that has encouraged us.  Sometimes a church group meets on a different night of the week so the church will come to  join The Refuge meeting on Sunday night.  This has been a perfect time for accountability, training and follow-up conversations.

We praise the Lord for how He has taught us to just obey even if we have doubts about how things will turn out.

Please Pray for The Refuge as it has become a training center for multiple leaders and church groups.  We get constant feedback each day from people being impacted and challenged.  Please pray for the new church plants on the island…  House of Prayer, Amazing Grace, & House of Faith to name a few.
Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin!  Zechariah 4:10a


Until There is No Place Left!

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