A New Group Births a New Group…Disciples Making Disciples

A New Group Births a New Group…Disciples Making Disciples

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Matthew 28:19

A Testimony from a National Believer

“The Lord is revealing himself in a big way. Three weeks ago (I) sensed the Lord was telling (me) to call one of (my) former employees, *Ashley, who I lost contact with for three years. I felt the Lord was telling me to tell her “My Story” and “The Gospel”.  I had met Jesus during the same period that we lost contact.

So I called her and met with her down in the South. I shared with her and she was so excited about Jesus because she met Him about the same time as me but she was sad because she didn’t feel that she could fit into the local church because of bad teaching, mainly prosperity gospel. Of course, I had to ask her the “three questions” as she was so thirsty for the Word: when and where can we meet, and who will you invite?

She gathered about 12 people in her mother’s modest hindu home a week later and two people gave their lives to Jesus and there were also many “yellow lights” (people who are hesitant to accept the teaching of the Bible and/or Jesus).  The week after, we started to teach them about obedience to Jesus Christ and they accepted Jesus and were baptised that same week.

From the public baptism at a local beach, a cleaning lady (hindu) from the public toilet saw the baptism and was compelled to know more. So she asked *Ashley about what was happening.  Even as an immature believer, *Ashley began to share her faith for the first time and asked the “three questions”. Now the cleaning lady is open for more. (I) was so humbled by the power of the Holy Spirit, at that moment, in the life of *Ashley.

Please join (us) in prayer for many more laborers like *Ashley.”

Pray for trainers who instill immediately in the DNA of a new believer the command of Christ:  “Therefore GO and Make Disciples”!  We are so excited as we see the simple commands of Christ obeyed and the fruit that emanates as a result.

 (*Name Changed)

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