You prayed and God answered in Harare

You prayed and God answered in Harare

Thanks so much for praying for the Urban Conference in Harare.  Urban Specialist, Kurt Holiday, showed us how to learn more about our city, the people in our city, and how we can be pro-active in bringing God’s “shalom” to our cities.

The discussion groups were lively as people began to generate practical ideas their churches could use to engage in Kingdom activities in Harare.


The prayer time for breaking down the strongholds of the enemy in Harare was a powerful and moving experience.  Then we went out into Harare in groups of 2-3 and in 1 1/2 hours these small groups led 17 people to the Lord.


During a final time of celebration and rejoicing each group was able to share what God had done in bringing these new believers into the family of God.


Please pray that the participants of this conference would be faithful to continue to do the things they have been taught so that Harare may become a spiritual guiding light for the rest of Zimbabwe.

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