AHA moments

AHA moments


Do you ever have moments in your life when you say “AHA”. This actually is a word that Webster’s dictionary defines as “a moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension.” I know I have these a lot in my life…like the realization that hits me sometimes that I am actually living in AFRICA and pursuing the DREAM that long ago the Lord put in my heart to be a MISSIONARY.

I have often asked you to pray for the Friday children’s ministry at Gaborone Baptist Church. Sometimes it just seemed so overwhelming with so many kids (averaging 120 kids)¬†and so little helpers. I would make a schedule for the year and leave blank spaces for teachers to sign up and I was always discouraged when I ended up teaching the majority of the time because no one had signed up. A few months back, one of the helpers recommended I make a schedule and just put peoples names in the slots. At first I was so skeptical that people would actually show up on their scheduled date, but I am here to tell you it is working!! I had my “AHA moment“…this is what works here!¬†People are showing up to teach and more people are become vested in the children’s ministry. So now we have enough people to schedule not only teachers, but also translators and song leaders…it’s awesome. I want to thank you for partnering with us in praying specifically for this ministry!!


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