Never Give Up

Never Give Up


Theresa’s home was not a place she enjoyed going. She lived there with her siblings, mom, and aunt. Theresa was often left taking care of her family using the small stipend she received for her schooling and often times was left without money for transport to/from school. Her mom and aunt would go to the bars and drink away all the money and men were in and out of their home all the time. Theresa continued to share the gospel with her family, but decided she needed to remove herself from the situation, so

Two years later, an International World Changers (IWC) team came to Botswana and Theresa was part of this team. The team was doing door to door evangelism and another group ended up unbeknownst to them in Theresa’s mom’s home. They shared Christ with her whole family and they ALL accepted Christ. They told the team how Theresa was always telling them they needed Christ, but today they finally opened their hearts to Him. Never give up hope!

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