Experiencing Harvest During a Famine

Experiencing Harvest During a Famine

The cassava crop, their staple food, has been devastated by famine and drought.

As in many other parts of Africa, a famine has taken over southwest Madagascar and become the consuming fear for the thousands of already drought ridden Mahafaly people. Families who were already living off of one meal a day, are now faced with the choice of eating unripened cassava, causing poisoning and sometimes death, or of going without food at all. Few families have any livestock left to trade, and men, women, and children alike are deteriorating in the midst of one of the worst famines and droughts the people have ever experienced. In the midst of the fear and suffering, the believers of these isolated villages continue to travel out in order to share the Gospel, disciple new believers, and train up churches. Their faith in the Lord during one of the darkest times pushes us to pray harder, serve with more passion, and to minister  unwaveringly. Please pray with us as we do what seems like an impossible task. Please pray for the hundreds of thousands of people suffering and dying, and also for the many believers who are desperately clinging to the Word of God in the midst of such a time. Pray that we would be compassionate, culturally aware and diligent in ministering to these people. Pray for wisdom in the days ahead, where we are called to minister to both the physical and spiritual needs of these beloved people of the Lord.

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