Volunteer Construction Team Uses Skills in Zimbabwe

Volunteer Construction Team Uses Skills in Zimbabwe

For the third year in a row we are blessed to have the volunteer Construction Team come from Trinity Baptist Church of Lake Charles, LA with us this week.  Last year they put a new roof on the Baptist Seminary Library.  This year they are putting a new roof on the classrooms at our Baptist Seminary and possibly going to the Nenyunga Clinic to complete that building in Tongaland as well.   Pray that they will remain healthy and without injury as they work quickly and efficiently to accomplish all they have planned.    Praise God that these men who are gifted builders are willing to use “the ability and intelligence, with knowledge and all craftsmanship” (Exodus 31:3, ESV) which God has given them, like Bezalel and Oholiab, to bless the lives of people all the way across the world from them!

Roof #4


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