Standing Strong

Standing Strong

“You see, Aunty, I am the only Christian in my family.” Lisa’s cousin has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and is in the hospital. Lisa has been sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with her cousin throughout her sickness.

“My cousin wants to know Jesus, but she is bombarded by the traditional practices of my family—the supposed cures from the witchdoctor and the sacrifices to make the ancestors happy. Now that she is in the hospital, the family is blaming me and my God for her sickness. They say that if she had followed the traditional ways of the family, the ancestors would not be so angry and she would not be sick. I have long accepted that the family does not accept me and my ways of following Christ, but for my cousin, this is a very difficult time to be isolated from the family. Aunty, will you please pray for my cousin, Isabelle?”

In the Xhosa culture in South Africa, there is a Christian minority who will follow Jesus to such an extreme as to be considered somewhat of an outcast. There are a majority who will simply syncretize the ancient (and current) attempts to appease the ancestors and their faith in Jesus. These are bound in fear that everything in life is a blessing or curse from the ancestors. Pray that these who try to mix their beliefs will see that Jesus’ perfect love casts out fear and that they should have only ONE in life that they look to for their “fate”.

And, please, would you pray for strength and faith for Isabelle.

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