School Supplies

School Supplies


Baptist Global Response (BGR) recently provided school supplies for the children’s ministry at Gaborone Baptist Church. Each Friday we meet together after school and the kids get to play, sing songs, learn bible verses, hear a bible story, and do a craft. This ministry has been so vital to this community and we have seen many children come to know the Lord.

We saw the need for kids to have school supplies in this area. One of the kids parents told me that their daughter was using an old notebook from the previous school year and just had a couple of pages left to write in for her school notes this year. She said it was such a blessing to get the notebooks and school supplies for her daughter. The kids will be more confident in who they are by going to school with the proper school supplies. The love of Christ was shown to these children through this project. Please pray that not only the children will come to know the Lord, but also that their parents will start coming to church with them and come to know the Lord.

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