Church from the 17th Floor

Church from the 17th Floor

The Oxford Economic’s Global Cities 2030 study reports that the population of Johannesburg (Joburg), South Africa will increase 2.2 million by the year 2030. That averages out to 3,000 people a week moving into the city! It is essential that evangelicals launch new churches throughout Joburg to meet the spiritual needs of the growing population.

This year, three new church plants are beginning (and four others are in the planning stages). One of those church plants, Godfirst Braamfontein, is in downtown Joburg and began meeting in January from the 17th floor of a local hotel. Braamfontein is an area of downtown Joburg that is feeling the effects of gentrification (renovation & improvement). It is the ‘HIP’ place to be! It is a community whose population is as diverse as the shops, businesses, and residences are. Here you will find luxury accomodations, university student housing, and high rise apartments that need some repair work. You will find coffee shops, markets, street art, hotels, hair salons, fast food, grocers, and shops for the wealthy as well as the poor. Young millenials are everywhere, in their hip attire, but so are the homeless and broken. No matter where they are from, many need to hear the truth of the Gospel!

Please pray that this church will continually proclaim God’s love, mercy, and salvation to the peoples of these areas. Pray for the lead pastor, elders, and lay leaders as they preach, plan outreaches, and strive to meet the needs of the people both physically and spiritually. Pray also for leaders of small group Bible studies.

View from the 17th floor church View from the 17th floor church[/caption]

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