King George

King George

We met “King George” almost 3 years ago.  He carefully climbed the mountain path to see what the white people were doing in his village.  At 94 years old, George had a lot of culture and tradition to overcome to accept Christ. After months of listening to the teaching of the Bible, George accepted Jesus!  The next two years, he faithfully attended the tent church down the road and could be seen dancing during worship, holding tight to his walking stick.  King George was baptized last February and his baptism can be seen on this year’s Lottie Moon videos.  A few months ago, King George became bedridden-king Georgeand today…

King George is no longer struggling…he is now worshiping at the feet of Jesus!

Asking you to PRAY for George’s family.  They have agreed to allow the funeral to be led by the national Baptist pastor.  We pray that George’s family and the people of Ha Khunong learn about Jesus, not just through the life, but the death of King George.

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