Life and Death: Refugee English students

Life and Death: Refugee English students

We have wonderful news today. One of the refugee English students gave birth to a little girl, whom she named Grace. We are thankful for this new life. We ask you pray for her  as she was born several months early weighing just over 2 pounds (1kg). She is in a government hospital now. Please pray for Grace to grow strong and grow up to give a testimony about the loving God who brought her into this world and made her strong enough to live.

On the same day that little Grace was born, one of the refugee English students passed away. He was in his early 20s. Al returned home, ate, and then went to bed. He coughed a few times, then died. It was so sudden and surprising. We know he was a believer; therefore, we know he is with the Lord in heaven. I am so glad Al  had a testimony about the Lord and lived the joy of the Lord out in his daily life. Please pray for Al’s family in Burundi. Also please lift up the other students in my class and his friends who are all still in shock at the sudden death of this young man.  Pray they have the peace only God can give and that He wraps them with His comfort.



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