Those awkward years

Those awkward years

Eleven, twelve, thirteen Those can be hard years to grow through.  They are children, but also fast becoming youth. Their bodies are changing, sometimes too quickly and sometimes not fast enough. Life and emotions can be bewildering. IMG_1326


IMG_1186Kids in Soweto, South Africa are no exception.  Could be harder for them.  Strikes against then include; no good role models, no dad in the home, and sometimes no mom as a grandmother or aunt raises them. Add poverty, abuse and fear to produce weary stories. However, God loves them and wants them to grow in wisdom and knowledge of Him.  And they have you praying for them.  Praying they hear and believe Jesus is Good News.  Pray they know the message is for them too.  Praying for their safety. Praying for consistent food, shelter and love.   ***the top two pictures are from one of three different age/sex groups from a four church session on body changes, salvation and abstinence. The bottom pix is of a relay at a Sunday school Easter party.

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