“From the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your praise.”

“From the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your praise.”


The little kids of Irodo, a village in northern Madagascar, are always the first to gather for worship and Bible study each Tuesday. The adults take a little while longer to show up. Last Tuesday, I had fun spying on this group of little ones before the adults showed up. As I came up, I heard them singing a song that we taught the group a couple of months back. “Lalana tokana mankany an-danitra, Jesosy ny lalana” Translation: “Only one way that goes to heaven, Jesus is the way.” One of the little girls had never been to one of our meetings before but she knew the song just as well as the others. It was obvious that her friends had taught her that song. Several times in the last few months, I’ve met people in the village that have never attended one of our Bible Studies but they sing out portions of the songs we sing. I was always surprised that they knew the song until I figured out what was going on. The kids who come to our Bible Studies are teaching their friends the songs. Then many of the kids go home and sing the songs there, teaching their parents and relatives the songs. My heart overflows with joy when I think about the name of Jesus being praised throughout this village. Six months ago, these kids had never heard of Jesus and the parents knew nothing of the gospel. I am so thankful that light is beginning to penetrate the darkness in this area. Please pray that the group of new believers in this village of Irodo (E-roo-doo) becomes a strong, healthy, reproducing church. And pray that the truth from these songs will penetrate the hearts of these children and their parents and that many more will trust Jesus as the only way.

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