Lottie Moon Christmas Offering 2012

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering 2012

Xhosa churches in South Africa have their yearly Christmas celebrations on either the last Sunday of November or the first Sunday of December.  During this time of celebrating when God sent His Son as our Savior, there is inevitably a big “to do” for the children.  The Sunday School class (children are most often together in one class) will be adorably dressed up and will re-enact the beloved Christmas story.  Afterwards, there is a special time of gift giving to the children and it is the highlight of the year.  For the poorest of them, their wrapped Christmas gift will be the only one they will receive, be it a pencil box or a plastic toy car.

However, for missionaries, the Christmas story is not a once-a-year event.  Our lives are poured out with the hopes that the stories and love of our Savior will reach one more, giving another person reason to celebrate all year long. 

As you ponder the meager Christmas gift given in an African church and then ponder the Gift that gives life abundantly, please pray about how you can give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.  The LMCO is the gift you give to God, which He returns to us, your missionaries, in the form of support.  That is how we are able to live, teach, preach the Gospel all throughout the year.


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