Houses,Trucks,Travel,Visas…. Pray for those handling logistics in Madagascar

Houses,Trucks,Travel,Visas…. Pray for those handling logistics in Madagascar

Taisir and Kristi moved to Madagascar to help with logistics for the IMB missionaries on the island. There was only one other IMB missionary family there when they first arrived. Now there are 13 other families and 4 singles. Most of these missionaries arrived in the last couple of years. Taisir and Kristi’s workload has obviously greatly increased. Logisitics in a third world country is far from easy, especially where there is an ever-changing, unstable government. Just a few of the many things they are responsible for include finding houses and trucks, handling travel logistics for all the missionaries, keeping the NGO (nongovernmental organization) status with the government and obtaining and renewing visas.

Please pray for the Lord to renew Taisir and Kristi’s strength. Living in the capital city, they deal with crazy traffic and the stress of living in a big, overly populated city. Please pray for the Lord to give them wisdom in the decisions they need to make as they balance being good stewards of the limited IMB financial resources with taking care of the needs of the missionaries. Pray for them as they ministry along with their local Malagasy church to the very needy Malagasy people.

Lately, Taisir and Kristi have found it increasingly more difficult to obtain and renew visas. Please pray for them to find favor in the eyes of the government and make a way for IMB missionaries to remain in country without any problems.

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