Helping the Suffering : Baptist Global Response

Helping the Suffering : Baptist Global Response

Appreciative of the Gift

The wind continued to blow, whipping the plastic back and forth against the side of the make-shift house. As the caregivers walked into the small room, it was obvious the occupant was in great need.  Because of the ugliness of the scene, one caregiver wanted to leave but was encouraged to stay and help.  The older one bent down to help the lady with cleaning and other needs.  She gently removed the dirty linen and soiled clothing. Putting on the latex gloves and using the soap, wash cloth and towel from the BGR (Baptist Global Response) bucket, she began to bathe the lady.  Caregivers are not always appreciated by the one they are trying to help.  Putting these thoughts aside, she continued to minister to the lady.  After the bathing was finished, she applied lotion and helped the lady back onto a clean sheet. 

Not only are those who are terminally ill appreciative of the gift of the BGR in-home health care kits, but those who try to help with cleaning and caring for the patient. 

Pray the supply of BGR In-Home Health Care Kits will be available to those in Africa trying to minister to the needs of the many suffering from AIDS and terminally illnesses.

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