The largest mosque in the Southern Hemisphere opened in South Africa last week.  It is an interesting project to ponder and pray over …. 

It was built by a very small minority group, but it is extravagant in every imaginable form.  All the materials were imported from the home country of the architects.  Most of the workers also came from the home country.  The complex includes a health clinic, a boys’ boarding school (K-itself 12), a shopping bazaar with high-end shops and a very nice restaurant.  The mosque hosts large men’s and women’s prayer areas along with an underground conference center.  The details are exquisite with real gold used in much of the artwork. It is obvious this place is meant to be a tourist attraction … there is always someone on hand willing and available to give you a tour. 

Please pray that tourists will not be blinded by the beauty of this place and be led away from the greater beauty of Jesus Christ.  Please pray that the name of Jesus Christ  will be proclaimed as the only way to salvation from this place.

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