ENGAGING CHURCHES: Reaching the Mbalanthu of Namibia

ENGAGING CHURCHES: Reaching the Mbalanthu of Namibia

Pastor Aaron of the Bi-Fork Baptist Assn, TX, writes:

During October, a team of three men and four women traveled from Texas to work among the Mbalantu of Outapi. They continued to work with the church in Outapi, who has now been officially registered with the government.  They are now called Divine Grace Baptist Church.  

This was the first team without a pastor going along.  Everyone on the trip had gone at least once, with some having gone several times.  The plan was to disciple and encourage the church leadership. Hearts were heavy for the Mbalantu people on this trip, not only for the Gospel of Christ, but one of our brothers there died recently. “D”, who is the man who allowed a church to start in his old disco and closed his bar next door, died about two months ago.  We had been ministering to him for some time now and we are all saddened to lose him. 

There is so much to overcome in reaching the Mbalantu people, from false doctrines to the abuse of alcohol, that is so common. Please pray that God’s Spirit will move mightily among this people as He is the only hope they have.  The city of Outapi is growing at a tremendous rate, with new buildings and new people. Pray that the church there would be effective in taking the Gospel to all those around them.

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