Headed out to Mahafaly Land

Headed out to Mahafaly Land

Apprentice missionaries Steve & Nickolee and their toddler will be leaving the city of Tulear in which they live and are headed out to the bush in the southwest part of Madagascar where the Mahafaly people live. While it is normal for Steve to go out to the Bush to do ministry, Nickolee and their toddler have only done a trip like this a couple of times. Leaving the comforts of the city and heading out to the very rough and rugged bush isn’t easy so they are asking for your prayer.

They will meet up with Doug and Nathan, two journeymen, who have already started Bible storying sets in the villages of Kilimary & Andremba. On Monday, the guys will be continuing the storying sets in Kilimary or Besatra. Nickolee is excited because it will be her first time to be there when a story is presented. On Tuesday, they will possibily travel farther south to the village of Tanatsoa. Wednesday morning the guys will present the next story in Besatra or Kilimary and then they will travel back to their home in Tulear.

Nickolee writes in their blog: “We’d love to know that while we’re “out of touch” that you guys are faithfully lifting us up to the Father.” ¬†Steve and Nickolee ask that you pray for their safety along the roads, opportunities to teach the stories, ¬†language & cultural learning/awareness, Nickolee as she has prepared a short devotional to share with the women, bonding as a family as they are able to do bush ministry together, and connections in Betioky as they seek out information towards moving there one day.

Pray also for the villages mentioned: Kilimary, Andremba, Besatra, Tanatsoa. As the Bible stories are presented, pray that the people of these villages to hear, receive and tell others the stories. Pray also that they would take the truths of the stories to heart and respond in obedience to God’s Holy Word.

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