Today was a Hard Day

Today was a Hard Day

Today was a hard day.

A bright and beautiful little seven year old girl wrote on a piece of paper that she wanted to die. As I read the paper my heart broke and tears filled my eyes. It was given to me so that I would know what is going on and continue to show her love, a love that Christ showed me. Her parents are pretty much not there for her at all and by the end of the day we were still trying to contact them. Domestic abuse also seems common here, but done in secret. So I ask you for prayer, prayer for the children to know God’s strength and love.  Prayer for parents to come to know Christ. Prayer is a powerful thing. The disciples of Christ said Acts 6:4 ” But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word.” Please pray not only for this little girl, but also for God to give you His eyes and His heart. So that you may see the people around you as He sees them and that you may love, with your whole heart, today and everyday. Don’t let the business of your life let you forget the lostness and hurt of a dying world.

As most of you know this country is very closed to the truth about God. And it’s honestly a hard place to tell people about Jesus because most are not receptive to the Word. But God is bigger than that. And I truly believe that this land is going to be changed by these kids that we teach and by God doing some amazing heart changes that only He can do.

So I want to challenge you all to not only to pray for the kids here and the work here but pray for your families, that each of you are raising your children to know Jesus. Not just a head knowledge and a behavior change but a heart’s love for Jesus. If we showed our kids how to truly live a life of following and loving Jesus, you wouldn’t be able to find words to describe how Jesus will use them to change a Nation and bring God all the glory.

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