Jesus Alone Can Save the Antandroy

Jesus Alone Can Save the Antandroy

The Antandroy people of SW Madagascar believe they can control their own destiny by adhering to their evil ancestral ways.  A number of Antandroy people say they believe in Jesus. They paid money to get baptized into a mainline denomination yet they know very little about the Savior and His Word. These churches don’t require them to follow Jesus alone. Instead, they continue on with their worship of the darkness by wearing their charms and practicing their ancestral worship.

Adam and Suzie are preaching the Good news of Jesus Christ but pointing out that Christ is the great sacrifice that has already been given. There is life in Him and in Him alone. They no longer have to do the things of old because Jesus is enough! They teach, instruct and clarify but unfortunately they can’t choose for them.

God’s Truth is needed but will God’s Truth be chosen? Pray for Adam and Suzie to be teach God’s Truth clearly. And pray for the Holy Spirit to convict, convince, and radically changes the lives of the Antandroy.

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