A Time of Firsts

A Time of Firsts

Amy and Chuck write:

This last Sunday afternoon was a time of FIRSTS.  We invited “The Boys”, a group of four youth boys who have only recently become part of the youth group at Thembalethu Baptist Church, to come over to our house.  It was their first time to be over on our “side” of town.  It was their first time to eat spaghetti.  It was their first time to be in a white person’s home.  It was their first time to play Monopoly.  We are still praying for the time when they will first give their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Please pray for “The Boys” and for the other Xhosa youth that we work with. Pray that God will also raise up leaders from among the Xhosa to lead the youth in South Africa.  Pray that the youth will be genuinely discipled and able to go and make disciples themselves.  Please pray for the youth rally that is coming up in October.  This rally will be a first for the youth of the Xhosa churches of the Garden Route area.  Pray that Jesus will be lifted up, FIRST and foremost in the rally!

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