Ramadan: Blaming Satan

Ramadan: Blaming Satan

Ramadan started on July 20, and ends August 18.  This is the month-long holiday where my Muslim friends fast from sunup to sundown in order to gain favor with God.  Every year I learn something new about this season as I discuss it with my friends.  This year, my friend told me that they believe Satan is bound from them during this month.  Outside of this holiday, many Muslims will often blame Satan for their bad behavior instead of taking personal responsibility (sadly, this is not limited to my Muslim friends – I’ve often heard Christians say the same thing).

The habit of blaming Satan for bad behavior is convenient considering scripture teaches us that we will each be punished for our own wickedness (Ezekiel 18:20) – “If I am not responsible then I will not be punished” is the back-handed thinking of many.  Nevertheless, scripture is clear that our sin cannot be blamed on Satan – we are responsible for our choices just as Adam and Eve received punishment for their disobedience even when deceived by Satan.

My point is that I would like for you to join me in praying for my friends during this month that they will realize their sinful condition as they find themselves disobeying God despite their belief that Satan is bound from them.  As they realize their condition, pray that they will seek redemption through the only One who can provide cleansing of the soul, Jesus Christ. 

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