Gang Member for Jesus

Gang Member for Jesus


International World Changers from South Africa and the USA arrived at the small church in Bongolethu (Bong-o-LET-oo) early on Sunday morning, the last day of the IWC 2012 project.  One by one, children, adults and young people from the community began to come, quickly filling the small building to capacity.  An enthusiastic welcome was followed by joyous singing, ‘Be bright in the corner where you are’.  Then, the worship leader asked if there was anyone who would like to share a testimony. 

A teen-aged boy came forward; he was a prominent member of one of the gangs and had participated in the soccer/rugby games led by IWCers.  He shared how he learned about Jesus’ great love for him and how Christ died on the cross for his sins.  Now he wanted to live for Jesus.  Spontaneous applause mixed with abundant tears as the news of his salvation touched the hearts of those present. 

He was just one of numerous young people who made professions of faith during the 2012 IWC Oudtshoorn (OATS-whoorn) project.  And now, 3 weeks later?  Klein (Klane)Karoo Baptist Church is shining its’ light for Christ with a youth Bible study, prayer meeting and youth choir-in-progress meeting each week!  Thank you for praying for the IWC 2012 Oudtshoorn project, especially that IWC youth would have many opportunities to share their faith!  Thank you for praying that many young people would come to know Christ!  Thank you for praying that Klein Karoo Baptist Church would be encouraged!

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