True Love Waits & Zulu Church Planting

True Love Waits & Zulu Church Planting

It’s overwhelming to walk into the HIV/AIDS ward of the government hospital in Empangeni.  Rows and rows of patients are suffering and dying from AIDS related diseases.  This past month, missionary Julie and her daughter have been making hospital ministry visits. Praise be to God, through their witness, several patients and family members responded to the gospel by giving their lives to Jesus!  HIV continues to be a major challenge in our area, with an estimated 40% of the population HIV positive.  Premarital and extramarital sex are commonplace and, in spite of government education programs, the HIV/AIDS epidemic is continuing to ravage the Zulu community.  In a True Love Waits rally at Somotho Primary School, about 180 5th -7th graders attentively listened as the Julie & David explained how the virus spreads so easily. All 180 students took a commitment card at the end of the presentation.  Pray they’ll make a real commitment to abstinence that could save their lives. 

Ten weeks of follow-up lessons will be offered with the gospel at the center.  Through home visits, they hope to build relationships and look for opportunities to start outreach groups, with the ultimate goal of starting a new church in the Somotho community.  This community is known for being a haven of demonic activity with little or no Christian witness.  Pray the people of Somotho and for the Julie & David as they move forward to be a witness for Jesus.

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