Swazi Youth

Swazi Youth

Workers Todd and Deborah will help the youth today at Mphembekati Baptist Church with outreach to the community.  Please pray that the youth will take on the leadership of this outreach.


Testimony Concerning the National Youth Camp

It was the best camp I’ve ever been to.  Our theme was “Transformed.”  I learned that I must be transformed from wrong doing and do the will of God.  I thank God that He’s helping me all the way and I honor Him with my body as we know that our body is the temple of God.  I also learnt that I have to live a self-controlled life in everything I do.  I try by all means to control myself from the things of this world.  I must be obedient and I must live a holy life.  I must not conform to the evil desires of the time.  Every step I take I  take for God.  Pray the annual National Youth Camp will reach many youth for the Lord.  Pray those who attend will daily seek the Lord’s face and will constantly strive to understand the Lord’s will for their lives.

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