Sow, Rest, Reap

Sow, Rest, Reap

Green thumbs are an enigma to me.  Really, some people have them and some don’t.

In Mk 4:26-29, Jesus tells the story of a farmer who sows, sleeps, and harvests.  This green-thumber doesn’t know the science of how the seed takes root, sprouts, and bears fruit; he just knows that his job is to plant, water, nurture, wait and harvest.  He trusts the Father to provide all that he, the worker, cannot provide.  He knows he is in partnership with the Father, that they both give 100% to the task, and that eventually the harvest will come.

Of course, in this spiritual gardening, these tasks do not happen in a neat sequential fashion.  In one person’s life, we are sowing.  In another person’s life, we are resting.  In another life, we are harvesting.   The key for us spiritual green-thumbers is to know when to be about each task and to not let winter set in permanently upon our work. 


*Was able to share the good news clearly with S – please continue to pray for her and her family’s salvation

*Shared Jn 14:6 with F – she is also the first person that has shown a hint of interest in studying the Book with me though there are many barriers to this happening – pray that Father will soften her heart to truth and draw her and her family to Himself 

 *Today I gave N a cd containing strategic stories in her heart language.  Though I’ve had many spiritual conversations with her, I have found language to be a huge hurdle (she speaks a language that few people here speak and her English is weak).  Pray that she will listen to the cd and receive Jesus, along with her entire family.  

*There was recently a group of college students here doing evangelism, along with helping us map some areas of the city.  Please pray that Father will bear fruit from all the seeds that were sown during that time.

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