English lessons = A Better Life & Eternal Life !

English lessons = A Better Life & Eternal Life !

While teaching an English class in Salt River, South Africa, Gail is attempting to impact lostness in Cape Town.

Her English students come from Burundi, Rwanda, and the DRC. R-, one of the students in the Salt River class comes from another major world religion. He is only 16 years old, but he is unable to attend regualr school because he doesn’t know enough English. Each week, R has the opportunity to hear the Gospel each week, and his parents send him on the train to learn English. Across the street from this English class, a small shop is owned by another woman from this same major world religion. Gail had the opportunity to speak with her one day and she also wants to join the English class because she was unable to finish school and wants to have better English.

Teaching English may seem like it would not be an evagelistic tool, but, praise God, He uses these classes to bring people of all faiths together and they have the opportunity to hear and read about the Good News. Even knowing that Gail uses the Bible to teach English, they desire to be a part of the class.

Praise God that the Good News not only means Salvation and eternal life, but it also means a better way of life in a foreign country for many people.

 Pray for many to respond to the Gospel, giving their lives to Jesus as Savior and Lord.

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