A Strange Welcome

A Strange Welcome

Satan is definitely attacking me and there were times I began to think what in the world am I doing here. But through prayer, His word, believers here and God loving on me; He has showered me with His mercy, love, grace and given me an amazing peace beyond any words I can think of.

Entering my country:

·         I was “greeted” by immigration, with who I got to spend about an hour in “holding” while they threatened to deport me b/c they said I didn’t have all the papers that I needed.

·         After the “greeting” I was given 72 hours to get it figured out (which a day later we found out that it was all done, they just “forgot” to put it in their computer.

·         Coming out of the airport with tears in my eyes from the “greeting” I was embraced by my new family and immediately felt God’s love through them!

100 Kids!!

We have 100 kids from 16+ Nationalities. Roughly 36% of our students have believing parents, the rest come from an “H” or “M” background.  I get the honor to work with 6 kids on Wednesday mornings who just gave their life to Christ and one is an “M” girl whose family is all “M” and to get to invest in her life is such a blessing!

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