2 More for the Kingdom!

2 More for the Kingdom!
Joe teaches a spiritual class twice a week in the Teaching Center of a major world religion.  He has found a person of peace from the class who is willing to go out each Sunday afternoon and visit members of the class.  
Joe asked the man and woman being visited if they knew what would happen to them if they died.  They both replied, “We don’t have a clue.”  Joe was able to share with them the gospel and how to pray to receive forgiveness for their sin. We rejoice as two new people have become members of our Eternal Family. 

Please pray for B and Y as they are discipled in the Word.  

Lift up praises to our Saviour – Jesus- that this couple now know they are eternally secure.

Pray for this person of peace as he also is learning how to share the gospel.  

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